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Ever since there were photography and airplanes, people took aerial pictures.

Whether it was for taking aerial pictures and videos or for big area survey and analysis.
The further the technology moves, the more important aerial pictures are becoming.
Since the introduction of drones into the civil market, the need and use of aerial photography and remote sensing exploded.
Improving of technology and drastically decreasing of costs makes the range of the possible end user much bigger!

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Whether if you just want to have a aerial picture or video of your new house or for example a wedding, a 3D model of your new garden or real estate object or a digital elevation model for a future construction.

Of course I can also help you to monitor a ongoing construction.

Aerial photography & video

The product for everyone!
Have a flight through the nature or a picture of your house, town or company.

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Real Estate

Corona showed us, only the people who can catch up with the time can be successful. Borders can be closed, the restrictions can lock people in their houses, but it will never stop the desire of buying and investing.

At this point 3D drone modeling stands in the breach of the real estate sector.

Current Projects

Digital elevation model for future construction.

Around 22ha land on a slope next to a lake in Adana, Turkey. To create a DEM in this size without a drone, you would need to at least calculate 2 days and probably 2 working forces.
With the drone: 30 minute flight and 2 hours post processing.
Welcome to the future!

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