3D Modeling

Create your 3D Model.

In the time of digitalization, 3D modeling became a important tool for visualization, digitalization and analyzation.

  • Embed the 3D model in your homepage.
    • Visualizing your object with a 3D model is presenting your company and idea with the latest technology.
  • Create a digital elevation model
    • Why do you need information about the elevation?
      Calculating the height of a building, the height difference in your vineyard or the height of the trees.
      With an digital elevation model everything is possible.
  • Orthophoto
    • Having the latest orthophoto from your property or area of interest.
  • Point cloud export
    • To be able to process the data in any virtual reality software, export your 3D model as a LAS point cloud.
  • AutoCAD export
    • Digitize the items of your interest inside the 3D model and export it as a DXF file for CAD software.

The borders of modeling are far from reached.

3D Model for your homepage

  • orthophoto